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  Tom Judy  

Tom and Judy Orzetti, ND, MH, CNHP are the owners and operators of That Natural Store. Tom and Judy got into natural healing because of health issues that could not be resolved by the allopathic or medical methods. Their search brought them to complementary medicine. Through this search they found Trinity College of Natural Healing and enrolled in many classes.

Trinity College has an outstanding group of highly regarded, professional staff of doctors from a wide variety of back grounds and education. The classes include Herbology 101 and 102, Dried Blood Analysis, Nutrition, Body Works, Body Systems which they both received certifications and also through Herbal Healer Academy Judy received a certification in Herbal Medicine and also received a certification of Herb Specialist through Nature Sunshine.

Master Herbalist Degrees were also presented to them in Altoona in the summer of 2005 from Trinity College of Natural Healing. Also a certification that they received was Practicum. This seminar deals with professionalism and the practical aspects of helping others. The emphasis is the study of the ethical and legal aspects of the natural health field.

In 2006, Tom and Judy received another certification in Face, Tongue, and Nail Analysis which draws from Traditional Chinese Medicine. They also received their Certified Natural Health Practitioner's Degree from Trinity College of Natural Healing. This degree consisted of a series of classes pertaining to the mind, body and spirit.

Iridology Certification was also presented to both Tom and Judy. A European Iridology method, as well as the traditional Jensonian American Iridology method, which focuses on the practical application of iris analysis and interpretation. They both received a certification in Reams Testing which is a process of testing the urine and saliva for reading of carbohydrates, mineral salts, cell debris, and proteins.

In 2007, they completed their degree in Naturopathic Doctor through Trinity College.

That Natural Store was opened to help others like Tom and Judy on their search for better health. They have been able to help many people that took responsibility into their own hands and changed their lives to the better.

The store carries many items that regular grocery stores do not. Life giving organic foods, dried beans, peas and lentils to make all your favorite recipes, wheat and gluten free products for gluten sensitive people, a large selection of Herbal Teas, Juices, Cereals and many more items. New items are always coming in. If you are looking for low sugar or no sugar, natural, good for you products they have it or probably can get them.

That Natural Store also has the Herbal formulas that Tom and Judy formulate i.e. Heart Support, Lung Support, Liver Teas and Formulas, Kidney Teas and Formulas and many more. They also carry other great Master Herbalist formulas like Dr. Richard Schulze products.


If there is any questions call 814-837-6620, or email That Natural Store