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1/4 to 1/2 cups wheat berries
Place in jar and soak for 12 hours. Do not use tap water. Use clean water.
Strain and sprout for two to three days until you have a tail on the berries.
Place into your glass jar and cover with water. Place this jar into a dark cupboard and let it sit to ferment.
This is a great beverage to alkalize your body.

Dandelion Wine

1 Quart Dandelion Blossoms with the green removed
4 Quarts of Boiling Water
3 Pounds of Sugar
2 Diced Oranges with the rinds
2 Diced Lemons with the rinds
1 Box of Raisins
1 Package of Wine yeast
Pour boiling water over the dandelions and cover lightly. Let set for three days. Strain and discard the blossoms. Add remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly. Let set for three weeks covered lightly or with an air lock at about 70 degrees. After fermentation is complete, strain into bottle and let set for four months.

Potassium Broth Recipe

This is a great tasting addition to your cleansing program. It will flush your system of toxins, acid and mucous while giving you concentrated amounts of minerals. It is a classic remedy for colds and flu.
Fill a large pot with 25% potato peelings, 25% carrot peelings and whole chopped beets, 25% chopped whole onions and garlic, 25% whole chopped celery and dark greens. Add hot peppers to taste. Add enough distilled water to just cover vegetables and simmer on very low temperature for 1-4 hours. Strain and drink only the broth, put the leftover vegetables in your compost. Make enough for two days, refrigerate leftover broth. Use only Organic vegetables! We do not want to consume any toxic, immune suppressive insecticides, pesticides or inorganic chemical fertilizers while we are on a detoxification program.

My broth will flush you out and build you up. Start it now!

Dandy Mocha Recipe

2 cups of Almond, Rice, or Hemp Milk
2 tsp. Of Dandy Blend more or less to taste
1-2 tsp. Dark unsweetened coca powder
Stevia, Agave, Coconut Nectar to taste
Shake of cinnamon
Makes a big delicious coffee mug of hot chocolate or regular size mugs for two.