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Pure, plant source digestive enzymes may be the most broad-based wellness supplement available. Many still do not appreciate the importance digestive enzymes in all bodily functions. Some assume, as I used to assume, that you get enough enzymes in the food you eat and in the enzymes your body makes. Part of my own wellness education included the discovery that today's world depletes enzyme stores in ways that it never did a few generations ago. For example, frequent air travel depletes enzymes as does stress. Tell me one person who can say they always handle stress well?
40 years ago, there was obviously still stress. But 40 years ago, we lived closer to nature. Before the asphalt jungles were created, we could actually walk on the good earth and feel the dirt between our toes. Today, many of us never see dirt unless we travel outside the city. So many of us spend our days in concrete buildings and drive home on asphalt freeways, to go into our homes which are often also surrounded by concrete.
We didn't have the traffic and smog 40 years ago either. Chemical pollutants deplete enzymes. But perhaps the largest depletion occurs thru the foods we now eat. Most are cooked, which kills viable live enzymatic action. Even after they are cooked, we further mutilate the nutritional qualities by micro waving. In addition, who doesn't stop by a fast food place when they are in a hurry? Fast foods are empty calories and fried fast foods are a ticket to the heart clinic. What I understand, from reading about enzymes in food, you only get enough enzymes in raw, fresh food to digest the food itself. That would be fine if all we ate was raw, fresh food. However, there are no enzymes left over to replace the ones we miss every time we choose junk food, cooked food, fried food