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Comprehensive  Metabolic Profile Test

B2 or not B2: that is the question…

Have you been told that your labs are all “normal” but you know you just don’t feel as well as you should? Or perhaps you’ve filled out a questionnaire and then been told you need a bag full of supplements. Would you like to take the guesswork out of knowing what you really need to be healthy? That Natural Store uses the Designs for Health Metabolic Profile because it allows us to target your specific nutritional and metabolic needs. The state-of-the-art test allows us to select the most effective and efficient combination of nutritional products for you, based on your individual results.

Your body’s systems don’t work in a vacuum. The DFH Metabolic Profile takes a functional approach to determine areas of imbalance or deficiency. The test provides information about antioxidant deficiencies and insufficiencies of nutrients like carnitine, NAC, lipoic acid, and CoQ10. You will discover how effectively the B vitamins function in your body, how well your body handles toxins, and how well your brain’s neurotransmitters are functioning. It looks at lipid peroxides to see if you need additional antioxidant protection and provides a fatty acid assessment to optimize your ratio to reduce overall inflammation. The Metabolic Profile will even reveal unknown digestive abnormalities that may be causing health problems and uncover food sensitivities that can impact a host of conditions including difficult weight loss, skin disorders and autoimmune disease.

Take your first step toward optimum health! Take the Designs for Health Metabolic Profile Test today!

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